Sub optimal day.

Sometimes you learn from others mistakes sometimes you are the lesson.

What I have learned today.

1. When a customer tells you, I had a problem with a toner cartridge. That translates into English to, I couldn't figure out how to install the new cartridge, and I accidentally dumped then entire thing into the mechanism.

2. Cyan Minolta toner tastes a lot less like blueberry than one would hope.

3. When you are covered from head to toe with blue toner your co-workers do not make eye contact.

4. Soap and water really don't remove large amounts of toner from your skin.

5. Surprisingly enough hand sanitizer does.

6. On average it takes about 4 scrubbings to get a particular bit of skin free of toner.


I try and not make political posts here but Fox and Friends went beyond the pale a few days ago. They are attacking the late Fred Rodgers, that's Mr Rodgers the children's TV show host. Mr Rodgers was an exemplar of what the Christian ideal should be. He was kind he was generous he was forgiving of the faults of others he was modest. He tried to make the world he lived in a better place.

What fox is doing is nothing but a evil slimy attempt to tear down someone who with little more than a kind word achieved greatness.
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Bike Repaired

Too bad I can't put myself back together as easily.

My day went like this sleep sleep sleep. Woke up at 2 and called second accent to see if they could get my bike in. They couldn't so I walked the bike over there and picked up all the parts I needed. After a browse and new helmet selection I walked the bike home. It took me about 45 minutes to get everything apart and back together.

Here is the old handle bar


I didn't mention in my last post that I was sick yesterday. Summer cold with aches, pains and a stuffy nose /sore throat. After the bike accident I felt ok for about 2 hours, then it was time to pay back all those loans my body took out. Gene found me in a tub of hot water with a book, I must have looked extra special bad, he had the most concerned look on his face.

So the aches and pains are still around along with some new ones from the accident. The nose is still bleeding not bad but every time I touch it my hand comes away with a bloody smear on it.

The plan for today Sleep, then walk to the local bike shop to pick up a new handlebar and grip tape. I will have them install it if they have time.

I am fine really I am..

Just did an endo/faceplant. Lot of blood one large scrape on my right hand, but it's on my numb finger so not much pain. I smacked my nose and it bleed and bleed scarring lots of other riders and walkers. But I am home hot shower has been had and ice packs are at the ready.

In the sum up it would have been much worse if I hadn't had my helmet on.

I need a bigger pedometer

While I was at Fry's yesterday I saw a $2.99 pedometer in the impulse buy bins. I have been wanting to know how much I run around in a day so I tossed it into my basket. Today I wore it for most of the day at work. At 11 am I was over 2000 steps then I forgot about it until 3pm when I realized I had knocked it off my belt. I found it around 3:30 and put it back on. Around 5 I looked at it it was 78398 at 6:20 when I checked it read 00211. No I don't think I ran 50 miles today I think the pedometer is a bit sensitive and is reading my normal body movements as steps. I feel like I ran around 20 miles today Tuesdays are like that.